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Ivanhoe College believes a pro-social learning environment is vital for the success and wellbeing of all our students and staff; our behaviour policy is a cornerstone of this alongside our ethos which we call The Ivanhoe Way:

The Ivanhoe Way

  • With the right attitude

  • Attending every day

  • You will succeed


With the right attitude means -

  • Be ready to learn
  • Respect staff and follow instructions
  • Be pro-social
  • Respect everyone's right to be treated equally

Attending every day -

  • You will not miss crucial learning
  • You will be a part of all Ivanhoe has to offer

You will succeed if -

  • You do your best
  • You have a growth mind-set
  • You accept help and guidance


Our policy is also based on the four core aspects of the Department for Education document ‘Behaviour and Discipline in Schools 2016’ which states that we must;

  • promote good behaviour, self-discipline and respect;
  • prevent bullying;
  • ensure that pupils complete assigned work;
  • regulate the conduct of pupils.


We also acknowledge the school’s legal duties under the Equality Act 2010, in respect of safeguarding and in respect of pupils with special educational needs (SEN).

You can read the full Behaviour Policy by clicking here. 


So what do we mean by behaviour at Ivanhoe?

Behaviour’ means any actions performed by any members of the student and staff communities. It includes conduct in classrooms and all public areas: how members work, communicate, relax and interact; how they study; how they greet staff; how they arrive at school; how they transition from one activity to another; how they use social media; and many other areas of their conduct. It does not merely refer to how students do or do not act antisocially.’ (Tom Bennett ‘Creating a Culture’ March 2017)

Consequently this policy works in tandem with many of our other policies including our Rewards Policy, our Home/School Agreement and our Anti-Bullying Policy. You will find a list of other relevant policies and information at the end of this document.

Included in our Home/School Agreement we expect our students to commit to the following;

  • I will respect all staff and follow their instructions and accept sanctions should they be issued
  • I will be pro-social which means I will treat everyone respectfully, fairly and equally
  • I will develop a growth mind set and accept help and guidance
  • I will do my best and let parents/carers and staff know if there are any issues preventing this

The vast majority of our students honour and often exceed these commitments and are rewarded for this. Should a student not comply with our ethos and the school rules which support it, they will be given a sanction. Our sanctions are known as Consequences and are focused on helping the student to appreciate and conform to The Ivanhoe Way and where relevant catch up on the crucial learning missed as a result of poor behaviour.

Rewards Policy

Home College Agreement

Anti-Bullying Policy



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