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Ivanhoe Exams Weeks – What do you need to know?

Firstly, your child has received an exam timetable.  Have you seen it at home?  The timetables have also been sent to you via email or the Connect Ed APP. Please contact the office if you have not received this information.

All year groups are having summative examinations this term. 

When are the exam windows?

How have we supported your child in school?

This week in Tutor Learning Time (Tuesday P1) the focus was revision skills and how to create and manage a revision timetable.  In individual subject areas, teachers will be preparing your child for their exams. In assemblies last week and the week before we explored how to cope with exam stress and how to best prepare.  We also shared with students the following exam tips which we know you will support your children with at home: 

Tip tips for Exam Success

Time management: Plan your revision time carefully –don’t leave it all to the last minute. Some subject areas will require more revision than others. For example, in Science you will need to revise between 1-3 years’ worth of knowledge and processes whereas in English - a skills based curriculum – revision will be practising PEE paragraphs and remembering to zoom in on key words.



Know your dates: Make sure you know when your tests are. Teachers will revise with you and give you advice about how much revision to do, what you should revise and many will give you special help sheets and prompts.



Space to study: Make sure that you have somewhere you can revise quietly. The ideal study space is light, airy, quiet, preferably with a desk. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a space like this. Any table or flat surface will do. 



Get organised: Have the right equipment to hand. Pen, sharp pencil and rubber plus highlighters, calculator and ruler. Making sure that you have the correct equipment both during your revision and in the exam will make all the difference




Post-it notes: Don’t try to learn everything as once. Break it down. Revise a short section – test yourself – then move on. Be active in your revision – use post-it notes/spider diagrams. For example, stick key vocabulary for French on post it notes around your room so that you see them ALL the time. 



Use your teachers: If you don’t understand something now. Don’t wait until the day of the exam. Go and see your teacher and find out. Use all the resources you have: internet, online text books, moodle, mymaths and your exercise books.







Take regular breaks: The ideal length to revise one topic is 25 to 45 minutes. When your mind starts to wander, take a short break. You remember more at the beginnings and the ends of sessions, so create more beginnings and ends by stopping for a brief break.



Revision Music: Some students find listening to music helpful while they revise but do turn off the television and your phone notifications. If you keep checking your phone, you will waste more time than you realise.




Revise with someone: Some students find theyrevise well with friends and it is a good idea to do this sometimes as a bit of variety and fun. BUT make sure that you are in fact revising.


Using technology: Use your technology wisely. You can use your phone to record key vocabulary and play it back to yourself regularly. You can set reminders/stop watch on your phone to tell you when to start revising and when to stop for a break. You can research key ideas using specific websites for your subjects.




Your wellbeing: Keep things in perspective. Remember your positive and growth mindset. Give yourself healthy treats while your revise: 
Take breaks to walk the dog or listen to calming music
Treat yourself to one episode of  your favourite TV programme.



This is one of the images we have been using in assembly. Your child will explain that we want students working in their GROWTH ZONE where amazing things happen!









* Some Year 9 students will sit exams in Option subjects they’ve chosen such as Drama, Art and Music. This is on their individual exam timetable.


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Student Council News - October 2017


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