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“ Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works”
Steve Jobs – Founder of Apple

We aim for students to be able to explore ideas with ambition and creativity, develop the creative, practical & technical expertise to design and make high quality products, and to  critique, evaluate and test their ideas and the work of others. 

Design and Technology at Ivanhoe is an inspiring and challenging practical subject. Developing their creativity and imagination students learn the skills and knowledge to solve problems with design, invent and create their own products, and become innovative, resourceful and capable young adults.
Students enjoy Design & Technology and feel proud of their progress and the products they make. Innovation, creativity and achievement are recognised in the ‘Designer of the Month’ award and in success in national competitions such as the 3M Young Innovator Award.


Year 7 Topics 

In year 7 students develop a range of basic skills across the areas of Product Design, Resistant Materials, Textiles and Graphics. 

  • In Product Design, students will gain a knowledge of a range of electronic components and circuits. They are taught how to solder and build and test a working product.  
  • They then start to consider importance and scope of Graphic Design. They research and design graphics for a personalised product, which is then printed onto a mug for them to take home. 
  • For their Resistant Materials project, students follow the design process to design and make a mechanical toy using traditional hand tools. 
  • They will also learn the basic skills and principles of Textile Technology. They learn to use tools and equipment safely and appropriately as they design and make a cushion cover to be used in their bedroom.

Year 8 Topics 

Year 8 allows for the development of more in depth skills across all areas. 

  • Students will work in Product Design to design and make a steady hand game. They develop their subject and component knowledge and are challenged with a higher level product to test their electronics skills. 
  • Their Graphics project brings in the history and impact of modern technology in design. The course teaches the skills of computer aided design leading to a 3D printed product with packaging. 
  • The Resistant Materials course brings in target markets, with students producing an acrylic clock for a teenager. Before designing and making pupils are taught a range of traditional and contemporary skills and they use this to inform them how to make their designs independently. 
  • In Textiles, students design and make an environmentally friendly bag for a client of their choice. Designing within the constraints of a design brief, they explore the social responsibilities that designers face today.

Year 9 Topics 

Year 9 allows stiudents to specialise further to prepare them for GCSEs.

  • In year 9 Product Design students design and make a speaker for a chosen purpose. They reflect on their previous years in Product Design and develop their subject through the freedom of the design task.
  • For their Graphics product students research, design and make a free gift to promote a product, event or service of their choice.  They learn about designing within tight constraints of budget and scale and the use of stock components, as well as considering the relationship between graphics and marketing.
  • Year 9 Resistant Materials students will be challenged to create a money box for a specified client.  They have to investigate their client’s interests, look at existing products and research a range of production methods including 3d printing and design / make a final product. 
  • Textiles students will design and make a piece of winter headwear within a theme of their choice. A broader design brief allows students to develop creativity and innovation, designing their own unique product and selecting the appropriate techniques and materials to use.


How does Design Technology embed cross curriculum literacy skills?

Communication is a huge part of Design and Technology and the ability to explain your ideas to others means that students learn to use language for both description and analysis, through writing and speaking. 

How does Design Technology embed cross curriculum numeracy skills?

Dimensions, spatial awareness, and accuracy of measurements all play a part in the production of quality outcomes.  From leaving an appropriate seam allowance, to measuring accurate wood joints, to producing 3D computer models, numeracy is found in all aspects of Design and Technology. 


How does Design Technology develop/link to SMSC and PLTS?

Design and Technology persuades people to donate to charity.  Design & Technology supports people with disabilities and impairments.  Design and Technology can bring communities together. Successful young designers learn to consider the needs of others, and to work independently and creatively to solve problems in an effective way, taking inspiration from a broad knowledge of the wider world.


How does Design Technolgy make use of Curriculum Enrichment Days?

Enrichment days in Design and Technology allow students to experience a wider range of more in depth skills, making use of the technology available to them in the classroom.  Competition makes it even more exciting, with students making and racing buggies, producing large scale creative works, and working with real life clients. 






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