Year 8 Ash spent their January Enrichment Day learning all about Islam, with the help of education group ‘Discover Islam’. 
The day consisted of a variety of sessions learning about the daily lives of Muslims, Islamic art, challenging racism, xenophobia and Islamaphobia including in the media.

Speaking with Jahed Ahmed, students learnt more the foundations of Islam. This included how Islam shares many beliefs with Judaism and Christianity until the time of Jesus, about fasting during Ramadan and who is exempt, and also about pilgrimages.

They also learnt more about how modern Muslims practice their religion. Many modern Muslim use technology such as apps to help them in their religious life such as times for call to prayer,         
or reading translations of the Qua-ran. 
Students were surprised to learn that any Muslims who have savings for a year of £1000 or more are encouraged to give a
percentage to charity and that in Britain many of their donations 
are given to support foodbanks and other charities tackling 
UK poverty. 


As a group students discussed how we can make misconceptions of people based on someone’s appearance, beliefs or religion.
They were encouraged to use empathy to think about how they would feel if they were in someone else’s shoes and experienced discrimination, and how they might feel if they were a refugee fleeing danger trying to find a safe home, but then also facing discrimination or hatred.

Looking at Islamic art students learnt that Muslims do not include images of living people or creatures in their artwork.
 They also prohibit the portrayal of their God or prophets as this is seen as very disrespectful.
Instead they focussed on patterns with lots of symmetry. Students created their own designs following these principles. 
Well done to Jake for getting a certificate from Mrs Wild for his work.  

25 Jan 2019

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