What is the Pupil Premium?

The Government believes that the Pupil Premium Grant, which is additional to main school funding, is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between disadvantaged children and their peers by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most.

The extra funding is between £300 and £1,900 per pupil depending on their category.  The Pupil Premium Grant is paid to the school for us to use to significantly enhance the learning experiences of our most vulnerable students. The funding is expected to be used not only those students eligible for Free School Meals but all pupils in the following categories:

  1. FSM: Those students who are registered for Free School Meals
  2. Ever 6 FSM: Those pupils who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last six years (known as ‘Ever 6 FSM’).
  3. Ever 5 service child means a pupil recorded in the January 2015 school census who was eligible for the service child premium in any of the previous 4 years (ie since the January 2011 school census) as well as those recorded as a service child for the first time on the January 2015 school census. 
  4.  LAC (Looked After Children): Those students who have been looked after continuously for more than six months.
  5. Post-LAC: This was a new category introduced last year.

Pupil Premium Plus is paid to support both LAC and post-LAC children. The post-LAC category includes those pupils who were looked after before being adopted or were placed on a Special Guardianship or Residence Order immediately after being looked after (known as post-LAC). This applies to all adopted children.

For information including the guidelines published by the Government on how the Pupil Premium can be allocated please visit https://www.gov.uk/guidance/pupil-premium-information-for-schools-and-alternative-provision-settings


What to do if you think your child may be eligible for extra funding?

In the first instance, please contact a.allford@ivanhoe.co.uk with your queries.
If your child is entitled to Free School Meals, please register even if you do not intend to take advantage of a free meal at school. Registering for FSM means access to more funding to support your child’s learning.
The link below gives clear information about who is eligible for FSM. 

Or alternatively download the application form from the School Website. If in any doubt, please contact school and we can help you with your application. The main thing that parents can do is to keep us informed about any change in circumstances. 


We only receive extra funding if students are registered or identified on our systems by the time of the school census. Our next census will be in mid January 2017.  We treat every case in complete confidence.


How much does Ivanhoe get?

April 12/March 13 - £88,381

April 13/March 14 - £149,400

April 14/March 15 - £153,340

April 15/March 16 - £189,550

April 16/March 17 - £160,000 (includes eligible students - FSM, Ever 6, Post lac and Service Children)


How many students are eligible for the pupil premium fund?

2014/2015 – 167 students

2015/2016 – 191 students

2016/2017 – 223 students (23% of school population)


How does Ivanhoe spend this money?

We use the money in a variety of ways to support eligible students.

At Ivanhoe, we use the funding in a range of different ways to improve the attainment of this key group of students.

During the academic year 2015 to 2016 we used the following approaches:

•  Quality First Teaching: Training for all classroom based staff to highlight the need for extra support, and to share good practice with regard to effective strategies to support disadvantaged students. This year our focus for training has been on Marking and Feedback – shown in research by Sutton Trust to make one of the biggest contribution to progress.  We also have focused our training on recognition of individual learning needs – we call it “putting extra boxes in place” for those who need extra support.

•  Classroom Support: Costs of salaries of the learning support assistants and teaching assistants to implement intervention strategies in lessons and small group work. Last year we appointed a new English Learning Mentor to track and support those students (many of whom are PP) who struggle to attain their potential in English.  Learning mentors in both Maths and English work closely together to ensure the progress of PP students.

•    Tuition: Provision of one-to-one and small group tuition in English and Maths.

•    Behavioural and Welfare Support Contribution to the salaries of the Inclusion Team, Student Support Manager and additional Student Support Worker, in order to ensure the well-being of disadvantaged students at school, through enhanced contact with home, extra transition activities, one to one mentoring

•    Attendance: Contribution to the salary of a new Attendance Welfare Officer, employed in partnership with Ashby School and other local schools, to support good attendance.

•    Mentoring: Enhanced mentoring support through providing an Open Door counsellor, one to one mentoring from the Student Support Team, lunchtime club in Learning Zone, small group work on relationship skills, anger management, self-esteem and study skills.

•    Enrichment Activities: All students who receive the pupil premium are subsidised on trips which are part of the school curriculum. On residential trips, board and lodging contributions are paid for students who are currently eligible for free school meals 

•    Parental Engagement: Enhanced Parental Engagement of PP parents provided by additional office support including provision for PP parent training on how to access Moodle to support their child’s learning. Improved reporting systems which target PP parents via letter, text and Moodle to make sure that every avenue to engaging PP parents is covered



What has been the impact of this support in 2016 on PP results?

Percentage achieving expected progress (Level 5 in 2011 – 2015/Making Expected Pathway Progress in 2016 onwards) in Maths and English






Change in Assessment structure – No levels

Ivanhoe 2016



English %







Maths %







In 2016 more PP students at Ivanhoe achieved expected progress in both English and Maths than in schools nationally


Attainment gaps between PP and the rest of the cohort

Subject Year





Change in Asssessment Structure – no levels. Gaps based on GCSE point scores. E.g 0.5 equates to half a GCSE

Ivanhoe gap 2016




















Our in-school gap survives because of the fact that we have so many high attaining non-PP students at Ivanhoe.  As we continue to push all students to achieve as highly as we can, the gap continues to remain. This is one of our Action Plan targets for this years. 

Additional Pupil Premium Funding Received: 

1. Students in Year 7 with Key Stage 2 results below level 4 in Reading and/or Maths 
In addition to the Pupil Premium, we have also receive a grant for students in Year 7 whose Key Stage 2 Reading and Maths results were below the expected level, Level 4.

2012/13 we received £27,500

2013/14 – £17,500

2014/15 - £21,500

2015/16 - £17,500

2016/17 - £17,500

This grant is being used to support additional staffing and educational resources in English/SEN and Maths. This means that we can ensure that low ability students are in small groups for these subjects as well as having additional intervention work. 


Maths: 23 students were below level 4 for maths on entry at Ivanhoe.  At the end of Year 7, 16 out of the 23 were achieving pathways higher than expected. 10 out of those where on Green pathways (e.g indicating a GCSE 5/C outcome) and one student had achieved a Yellow pathway (GCSE 6/B) These students continue to be taught in smaller groups with LSA support.

English: 30 students were below level 4 for English on entry to Ivanhoe. Our provision included:  Smaller class sizes, LSA support, reading buddies and specialist SEN teacher.
At the end of Year 7, 11 of those students had reached a Green pathway (e.g indicating a GCSE 5/C outcome).  These students will continue to be taught in smaller groups with LSA support. In fact, on one half of the year, we are keeping the group together with the same specialist SEN teacher to continue the relationships built and maximize progress over the next two years. SEN dept will continue to track these students and build on last year’s personalized provision which included Fresh Start, Reading for Meaning, Additional Spelling, Handwriting Interventions and referral to outside agencies where appropriate.

For academic year, 2016 to 2017, the following strategies will be implemented:

Actions and provision

£ from Budget

Support for the salaries of LSAs to implement intervention strategies in lessons and small groups including lunchtime clubs



Our CPD programme 16/17 for teachers and classroom staff has a clear focus on ‘closing the gap’ through an equity not equality approach and improving success criteria to raise achievement.


Provision of small group tuition in English and Maths


English and Maths learning mentors to support PP students in class


After school homework club


Music Therapy for PP students who show a particular aptitude or who require a motivational intervention e.g weekly music lessons


Support for the salaries of the inclusion Team, Inclusion Leader Pastoral (PP), Student Support Workers, providing a range of support and mentoring for pupil premium students.



Contribution to the salary of Attendance Welfare Officer


Educational Psychologist and other counselling agencies.


Effective and enhanced tracking students’ progress and regular scrutiny of data from all subject areas

Cost met by college budget

Further improvements to our assessment tracking system, and additional time for our Data Managers, to ensure that students, staff and parents can see progress more easily through the year.

        £ 3,000

Parental Engagement strategies in regard to reports, parents evenings and moodle


Revised charging policy for trips and visits so that pupil premium students can have the full cost of day trips met by the college including swimming and Design contribution. Residential trips policy for Ivanhoe to pay bed and board element for PP students.


Additional fund to support families in need with educational costs such as uniform


SLT House Links provide enhanced provision within the pastoral House systems to support with Pupil Premium Students. Dedicated SLT time to monitor attendance, housepoints and well being of PP group.

Cost met by college

Appointment of Pupil Premium Governor to monitor PP spending and impact in classrooms.

No additional cost

Contingency of £20,000 of budget is kept for other developments outlined in Pupil Premium Action Plan


Total = 100%


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